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IDW Comics X-files Case Files Hoot Goes There 1 Of 2 Cvr A Nodet


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IDW Comics X-files Case Files Hoot Goes There 1 Of 2 Cvr A Nodet Summary

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(W) Joe Lansdale, Keith Lansdale (A) Silvia Califano (CA) Catherine Nodet
For 25 years, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have been shining their flashlights into the shadows, searching for the truth. To celebrate this anniversary, IDW Publishing proudly presents The X-Files: Case Files! Under this banner, faithful fans will see the release of numerous micro-series, featuring stories that explore X-Files of the past and present by top talent from comics and prose!
This second offering comes from legendary author Joe R. Lansdale, Keith Lansdale, and artist Menton3. In "Hoot Goes There?", Scully and Mulder find themselves on the road again, this time to a small East Texas town to investigate the disappearance of a woman said to have been carried away by a creature fitting the description of a harpy from Greek myth. But things only get stranger from there...

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